Word Over-usage: It could happen to you

I just learned that over-using a word in a blog post is deleterious to a blogger’s reputation.  This concerns me, as many of you know, I am trying to raise my klout.com score so I can receive discounts on my favorite Justin Bieber song downloads.

Anything deemed deleterious to this popularity quest just simply won’t do.  Thus, I just need to avoid any deleterious behavior on this blog. or any other social-media sites I use.

I always try to avoid actions that are deleterious to me or others in my non-internet life as well as my internet life, and thus, avoid anything that jeopardizes my klout.com score.

As many other bloggers know,  it’s hard to avoid actions that are deleterious to one’s reputation-especially to one’s coveted klout.com score.  So those who are not bloggers [the elderly, incarcerated, and/or etc…] do not totally understand the need to avoid over-using words in blog posts.

Lesson learned…well done!

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