We’re Still Here: Yup, there’s more.

We returned to the office with the supplies to make our workplace “spy-proof” by way of taxis.  Thomas instructed us to use a pay phone to call for the taxi, and it took about half-an- hour of searching before we were finally able to find one.

Truth be told, at that point, we could’ve just walked the rest of the way, but Thomas was adamant that that’s exactly what the government agencies would want us to do so they could “intercept” us, and “make us disappear.”  According to Thomas, government agencies kidnap, interrogate, and force “dissidents” to watch “Friends” reruns as a means to deprogram them from individual thinking.

No, Thomas didn’t get this information from another Wikipedia article, but rather, from Albert, codename “Vulture,” who was waiting for a bus at the same bus stop we were, and Thomas struck up a conversation with “Vulture” as a means to discern if this Albert fella was a government agent or not.

Turns out, well, at least Albert says, that he was a government agent until it was discovered he is Lactose intolerant, and as we know, the government isn’t all that fond of anyone who is intolerant of anyone or thing, unless it/they go against what the government thinks is a form of diversity.  This was some more examples of the “wisdoms” shared by Albert that Thomas immediately accepted as “truths you can count on.”

I think it prudent to explain why I’m using so may quotation marks in this update.  As a thinking person, of sound mind and body, I felt that I should give credit where credit is due when thoughts, insights, and opinions are shared on here.  I wouldn’t want to take credit for any of the aforementioned nuggets…ever.

Anyway, Albert and Thomas connected on some cosmic level during their conversation, and all this did was inspire Thomas to invite Albert back to the office, so he could partake in the creation of a “spy-proof” workplace.  According to Thomas, Albert’s “expertise” in government matters “is exactly what we need…”

So there we are, Thomas and Albert are drinking Chai tea, drawing schematics, and planning how to use the meager amount of aluminum foil, cling-film, and coffee filters – yeah, we don’t know why he bought the coffee filters either – that we could afford.

As usual, I’ll keep you posted.




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