Preparing for the Apple Genius

Hello all,

Bill McClure here from Thomas Ryan, LLC with a continuation of the Apple saga. I think it prudent to reveal that Thomas – at the demand of my wife – is still in jail. Not to worry though, Thomas does plan to submit a motion for bond just as soon as Brad, our attorney is released from jail. We understand that this is in the works, and we are relatively optimistic.

Anyway, as Thomas is away, he has instructed us to take charge, and do what we can in order to arrange an office visit from one of Apple’s Geniuses so we can get Apple products in our office. Thinking this was going to be an easy task, we diligently embarked on this mission, but were surprised to learn how hard it is to get on of these geniuses to leave an Apple Store.

Seth was assigned with contacting the local Apple store, and was told that he would have to go to the store, and meet with the manager. Being a young, tech-savvy lad, Seth boldly went to the Apple store, and we haven’t seen him since. All calls to Seth’s mobile phone went directly to messages, and there was no answer at this door any time we went to his loft, so we were growing more and more concerned as time went on.

An emergency meeting was called, and Judd, our 44 year old new copy room attendant declared that his extensive play of Call of Duty on his PS3 somehow qualified him to devise a “military-grade” plan to “…reconnoiter the AO, extract Seth if necessary, and ex-fill with minimal collateral damage…” Whatever the hell that means. With no one else in the office having any sort of military training and/or experience, we were left with no choice but to let Judd handle the planning.

This of course made Judd very happy, and he immediately called home and asked his mother to restore his PS3 privileges if he promised to mow the lawn and clean his room…

I think it pretty safe to say that this isn’t going to go as smooth as we hope, but Seth is a valuable member of our staff. Stay tuned.



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