57 Days!? Really!? Oh Shit!

Hello all, Bill McCloud here,

Well, it has been a long time since we have been able to dialogue with you all, and for that, we apologize.  Things have slowed down quite a bit, and due to the current economic climate, we have had to trim the staff.

As many of you know, Thomas started college in October, and all has not gone well.  It’s a Christian college, and there are certain rules that they expect students to adhere to.  Behaviors that are acceptable in the Secular World are not all that tolerable in a religious one.  Thomas has failed to understand this, and he is now on a probation of sorts.

For example: He is no longer allowed to attach photographs of any kind to his assignments, or on the discussion boards.  The less said about why this restriction is in place, the better.

Apparently Thomas was not able to pass the basic Math and English Assessment tests- in fact – he had Jose, our Japanese interpreter take the English Assessment, and well, that didn’t achieve the desired results.

Martha, the strange woman who likes to sit outside of our office, and argue with the bricks of our exterior wall, was able to convince Thomas that she was once a Math Professor in Tibet, and so he had her do the Math Assessment…yep…

To help with his school work, Thomas hired The Shaman and Curtis, his donkey – you remember them, yes? – to tutor him in his current class load…

I understand Curtis is quite the Math whiz, while The Shaman-who usually speaks in gibberish and spittle-has a Graduate degree in English from a prestigious, Online ‘University’ in India.

We strongly suspect it won’t be long before Thomas returns to the office as a college drop out.

Time will tell.

Until next time,








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