Thomas Ryan Gives a FAQ

When Thomas’ SEO Guru called the office from prison, he told Thomas that the reason the site is lagging in visits was because we don’t have an  FAQ.

“People like to learn about who they are visiting.”  Barry said on the monitored phone line.  “If they think they are getting to know the real Thomas Ryan, they will be more prone to coming back-and more importantly-referring visitors.”

Barry then went on to ask Thomas for some money because he lost a few card games too many, and was now on the hook to some of the friendly gang members incarcerated with him.  Thomas was too deep in thought about the FAQ development and simply hung-up on Barry and called an emergency meeting.

Long ago, Seth was selected as our official, emergency meeting secretary responsible for taking notes during our meetings that would be transferred to the official meeting minutes.  Thomas learned early on that Seth has very… shall we say…legible hand-writing with flowing descending lines and loops and swirls.

When Thomas called this emergency meeting to discuss the new FAQ page, Seth was busy reviewing his Pinterest pages that feature the Tea Cozies he designs and sells on  Of course, young Seth was not at all pleased to be distracted yet again from his personal activities for one of Thomas’ asinine meetings, but he did manage to jot a few notes while spending the majority of his time on his iPhone.

The meeting was a resounding success, and we now have a FAQ page.

Visit it often as it may or may not change.






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