Another Hiatus Update: Hey, you were warned

Hello everybody, Seth here-writing from the Thomas Ryan Safe-house-I’ve been having a bit of trouble with someone I met in jail, so I am currently in an undisclosed location.

As many of you know, Thomas is on Hiatus and he has ordered us [his staff] to keep you [his readers] updated [kept abreast] of his activities [things he does while he’s not being watched] whilst he’s away.

So, in the interest of a positive work-ethic, and to further feign my loyalty to Thomas-more like keeping him from publicly divulging my location, I will submit this update, freely, and with no coercion or malicious threats of repercussions…

Thomas was hanging out at an Internet Cafe somewhere when he overheard a couple of trendy, techie-types blathering on and on about something called  Thinking-more like hoping-it was something sexual in nature, Thomas eagerly logged onto the site.

After unsuccessfully hiding his disappointment that the site was anything but sexual, Thomas began exploring this innovative new strategy.  Clearly, he was clueless, and had to ask the young trend-setters to explain what he was reading.

Evidently, this site offers businesses the opportunity to invite total strangers to their offices [not for sexual reasons] to work for the day in an environment conducive to productivity and moving forward and so on.

This intrigued Thomas so much, he eagerly signed up as a Host, and thus, opened the office to anyone willing to come and be fully-clothed and productive for a day or so.  Almost instantly, our office was dedicated to a group of freelancers who reported this morning.

The one suggestion I’m almost certain the folks at loosecubes do give prospective hosts is the importance of notifying the host’s staff of this endeavor as they will be required to ‘cowork’ with these guests…needless to say, Thomas neglected to do so.

When Bill came in this morning, he noticed a shabbily dressed, totally unkempt man seated at his desk, yelling obscenities at his computer that allegedly refused to turn-on and respond verbally to the very frustrated guest.

There was also a medium-sized donkey standing in Bill’s cubicle, eating paper by the mouthful and licking Bill’s coffee mug between mouthfuls of paper.

Fortunately for Bill, the two guests [at Thomas’ request-we think] were wearing ‘Hello, my name is’ name tag stickers.  Bill quickly learned that the man trying to ‘communicate’ with the computer was named Shaman, and the donkey went by Curtis.

Not to worry folks, Bill is now here with me, telecommuting as it were.  We strongly suspect the rest of the full-time staff will be here shortly.  The Temps?  Well, they’re on their own.

See ya!









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