Community Outreach: A new program

Hello all, Bill McCloud, Senior Editor at Thomas Ryan here.

After reviewing the site stats after Wednesday’s post in which Thomas Ryan was essentially begging-or as he puts it-“campaigning for ‘likes,'” and the abysmal response from the few people who actually look at our site, Thomas Ryan called a special staff meeting to brain-storm ideas.

Granted, it was about 1 o’clock in the morning when he called everyone, and two hours later, we were all assembled at the office.  A side note: When Seth arrived-you remember Seth, don’t you?-I noticed something on his jawline just under his ear.  A weird, green-colored, lotion-like substance.  Turns out, young Seth applies a cucumber & olive oil moisturizing mask to his face before bed…okay.

Anyway, Thomas was clearly having one of his insomnia nights as he was wide awake and pacing as he blathered on and on about site ratings, Google ratings, Liza Minnelli, the Ozone, and so on.

He was truly perplexed as to why the response to his latest post was so awful.  He seemed almost angry at our tiny audience, and just paced about, wringing his hands together mumbling and at times shaking his fist.

Then, finally, after about an hour of pacing and rambling, Thomas came up with what he deemed as a “Brilliant Idea!”  He declared that we the staff members will pair up into teams, go out to the community,  and then go door-to-door to survey the community to see if we can’t persuade community members to Like Thomas Ryan.

One team member will have an iPhone, Smartphone, or any kind of phone that can access the internet and the community member’s email account.  That way, the staff team can show the community member[s] our website, and they can Like us right there on the spot.

The other team member will have a baseball bat, croquet mallet, or any other ‘positive results orientated’ item that will aide in strongly encouraging the member[s] of our community to Like us.

Thomas surmised that this is the reason we have not gained the following he has dreamed of, and that by us reaching out to our community, we will enhance our community presence, thereby elevating our community follower numbers and Likes.

Seth and I have teamed up.

Just to be on the safe side, I have the baseball bat.

Until we are released from jail,

Bill McCloud, Senior Editor-still waiting for my email


Writer & Artist. Seriously, that's all I do.

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