An Award: We were nominated!

We just learned that Thomas Ryan was nominated for an award!  Don’t get me wrong, we all here at Thomas Ryan do firmly believe that he is fully qualified for the ‘Darwin Award,’ but this is a real one.  We’re so excited!

As many of you know, Thomas Ryan was supposed to go to Nepal and attend Sherpa Mountaineering Training, but that is delayed as he is being detained by federal authorities at the airport.

From what we understand, he said the word “bomb” while waiting for his skim mocha half-caff latte with whip and a twist at the concourse Starbucks, and apparently that didn’t go over very well.  We’re fairly certain that after the feds learn that they are detaining an award-winning writer, they’ll release him.

Okay, so more about the award.  Thomas Ryan has been nominated for the ‘Thinker of the Month’ award.  If  Thomas wins, he’ll join the ranks of previous winners.  Karl S, Elliot B.S., Anthony P III, and many more.

All we have to do to secure Thomas’ nomination is: email the company credit card number, security code and expiration date to the representative who notified us of this nomination for this precipitous award.  This will verify the validity of Thomas Ryan’s identity.

That’s just sound internet security there, so of course we’re going to comply.

Think of it, all of our hard work is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Finally we here at Thomas Ryan can  feel good about ourselves-without having to wear unitards…

Spread the word!

We’ll keep you posted on the award ceremony results.


The Thomas Ryan Staff


Writer & Artist. Seriously, that's all I do.

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