Reaching out to the People: With some limitations

Hello all, Thomas Ryan here-the real Thomas Ryan,

The seminar went great-or, so I hear-I was not able to attend due to my very serious unitard allergy, but I understand things went pretty well.

In keeping with change for better hope, I have decided to keep moving forward, and become more transparent by allowing comments on this site.  With some minor restrictions of course.

They are:

  • No swearing
  • No gender identifying language
  • No personal pronouns
  • No words with more than 3 syllables
  • No harmful or hateful remarks about Thomas Ryan or any of his personalities
  • No SPAM, bacon, sausage [patties or links] comments
  • No hyperlinks
  • No comments that are trying sell anything

We here at Thomas Ryan are very interested in what our readers have to say, so please feel free to leave a comment on future posts.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to respond to immediate comments as I am going to Nepal to attend Sherpa Mountaineering Training.  I’m doing this in preparation for the end of the world, and thus, I will be fully prepared to guide my family around the Himalayas, and escape the zombie hordes .

If you are completely computer illiterate, you can always call our 24 hour voice mail service and leave a message after the click.


Thomas Ryan


Writer & Artist. Seriously, that's all I do.

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