Demographics: Google not necessary

We went out on the streets and polled the everyday folks wandering about aimlessly and looking as though they had nowhere to go, and nothing to do.  As luck would have it, they were homeless and thus, proved our theory to be true.

When we asked them if they like Thomas Ryan, they seemed to enjoy pretending they didn’t know who he was.  Assuming they were a lively, fun-loving bunch, we sat one of them down and began to show him pictures of Thomas Ryan.  We were a bit taken aback when he began to blurt out the first thing that came to his mind as we cycled through the pictures.

“A rabbit.”  One man said as we showed him the picture of Thomas Ryan at a cafe.

“Sorry?” I replied.

“He looks like rabbit.”  The man responded.

I glanced at Seth, our junior editor, and then showed him another picture-this time Thomas Ryan was mowing the grass.

“Rabbit.”  The man repeated.

“You think he looks like a rabbit in this one, too?”  Seth asked.

“Who looks like a rabbit?”  The man asked Seth.

“Thomas Ryan,” Seth started.  “The man in this picture.  You said he looks like a rabbit.”

“I don’t know that guy.”  The man declared.

“Yes, we know.”  I said. “We are trying to introduce Thomas Ryan to the public.  He writes humor blog posts.”

“I like rabbits.”  The man replied.

“Of course you do,” Seth started. “You’re creative.”

“Are you hitting on me?”  The man asked.

“Dear God, no!”  Seth blurted.

“Oh, okay.”  The man seemed marginally relieved.  “I did to have to pee-but I don’t anymore.”

Seth and I decided to end the conversation and go back to the office.  This was a great idea…well…

Until next time.


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