Why I like my Pre-Paid Mobile Phone

There are many reasons why I have refrained from getting the latest iPhone, ePhone, pPhone or any other communication device that requires me to give the service provider a shit-ton of personal info. that they will leak to third-parties and claim they were hacked.

They are:

  1. No one can hack into my account and steal my Justin Bieber wallpaper.
  2. I can avoid calling certain people by saying, “I’m low on minutes.”
  3. I’m not tempted to surf the web while driving.
  4. Google can’t track my location and send me pop-up ads to stores I’m standing near.
  5. I’m not obligated to a 10 year contract with a $200 early termination fee.
  6. My phone cost me 30$ [enough said there].

Thomas Ryan


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