The Respite

Hello, my name is Bill McCloud, and I’m a volunteer here at Thomas Ryan.  I say volunteer because he has yet to pay me for my work, but always tells me the same thing, “Patience, grasshopper.”  What ever the hell that means.

Anyway, Thomas is taking what he calls a “mental-health day” as if he were under a lot of stress or something.  I guess it takes a lot out of a guy to sit, type and sit some more.

That being said, Thomas and his family are heading to the beach today, and thus, he will be spared the stress and trauma of sitting, typing and sitting some more.

He wanted you all to know this for some reason, and thankfully I was here to post this.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to look for a job that actually pays its employees.


Bill McCloud – I still don’t have an email…*sigh*


Writer & Artist. Seriously, that's all I do.

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