Sacking the Temp.

Okay people, I notice the temp-worker who was hired to fill-in for me while I was out of the office yesterday, didn’t understand the directive to NOT try to be a serious journalist.  He actually signed my name to the posts as though I would be foolish enough to think I was a real journalist.

So where was I?  I was attending a grueling Combat Kakuro training seminar.  That was eight hours I’ll never want to go through again.  My brain still hurts, and I think I’m developing Carpal Tunnel already.  But anything that makes me formidable against these Mensa Meat-heads is a good thing, right?  Hell to the yeah it is!

Next week, I’ll be attending the Samurai Sudoku course.  A very intense four hour block of instruction in combat-cardio feng shui with numbers.

Can’t wait.


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