Mad Cow: Their effect on the blood supply

Because I was stationed in Germany years ago, I have not been able to donate blood for quite some  time now.

Apparently, there was a large outbreak-unbeknownst to us-of very angry cows in the UK while I was in Europe.  Somehow, these torqued-off cows from the UK, made their way across the English Channel, through France and finally into Germany.

Make no mistake, I did not make it a habit to consort with any cows, much less angry ones, and so I’m a bit curious how this prevents me from donating blood.

The few cows that I did come in contact with were anything but mad or even marginally upset for that matter.  They all did appear quite content standing there, eating hay & grass, and pooping wherever the hell they pleased.

Also, it’s not like I sat next to them, hugged them or anything else other than look at them and moo.  They seemed genuinely pleased that a foreigner was trying to speak their language.  So much so, that they didn’t make fun when I would make mistakes and mispronounce certain words and so on.

Evidently, that minimal contact was enough to hinder my ability to give blood, and even work in places where human blood was stored.  Try as hard as I might, I have never been able to convince blood drive workers that I have never been exposed to angry cows.

I guess my blood is tainted for life.

Thomas Ryan


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