SEO: Playing in traffic and hoping to get hit

Okay, I think I got this SEO stuff figured out.  All I need are the right KEYWORDS and the right amount of KEYWORDS to get my SEO up to where GOOGLE and other search engines can find me.

Easy enough, except, I guess I’m not supposed to use too many KEYWORDS as this will hurt my SEO and GOOGLE doesn’t like too many KEYWORDS, but the right amount of KEYWORDS are okay as GOOGLE doesn’t mind just the right number of KEYWORDS, and thus, my SEO will be at an acceptable level.

Then there’s the need to add HYPERLINKS to my content.  That way the KEYWORDS can help GOOGLE send web surfers to my site, and thus, raise my SEO.  And again, too many HYPERLINKS are apparently as bad as too many KEYWORDS, so I should really try to get the EXACT number of HYPERLINKS in each post, so as not to offend GOOGLE.

See, I told you I would figure all this SEO bollocks out.  All it took was extensive research of KEYWORDS, and hours and hours of  GOOGLE browsing on the toilet.

Cheers for now,

Thomas Ryan, keywords: Thomas Ryan


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