NARCISSISM: The love/hate relationships

One look at anything I do online, and one gets the feeling that I’m pretty proud of myself, and have a love of my own name.  No wonder, my name is on almost everything I do.  And here’s why:

One of my favorite lawyer shows is Boston Legal.  Bill Shatner played the character, Denny Crane, a senior partner of the fictitious law firm that was the focal point of the show.

Denny Crane was the epitome of narcissism.  He always managed to say his own name, even at times when it made no sense to say it, or for others to hear it, but nonetheless, he would say it loud and proud.

The end result however, made a ton of sense.  I haven’t seen an episode of Boston Legal in over two years. But I still vividly remember, Denny Crane.



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