THE JOB HUNT: Going after these elusive bastards

By Thomas Ryan

We’re here in the wilds of Jacksonville, Florida with expert Job Hunter, Malcom P. Ceeker.

Armed with nothing more than a laptop, an Internet connection, and a full combat load of resumes, we set out in cyberspace.  Let the hunt begin:

We start out by linking-up with the Google Tribe Warriors who will act as guides and security as we trek in the unknown of the cyber-wilds.

“You must be crazy.”  Google Warrior Chief, Mookie says to us as we gather.  “The jobs are angry-listen-they are silent and laying in wait for unsuspecting hunters.”

Undaunted by the warning, we head out.

“Try not to show or feel fear.” Malcolm advises.  “They can sense it and will use it against us.”

“What if I’m caught off-guard and get scared?”  I ask.

“Just freeze in place and soil yourself-they hate the smell of poop and pee.”  Malcolm replies.

It’s so reassuring to have such an experienced job hunter like Malcolm along.  He’s written many blog articles and Twitter tweets on the subject-and even though he has yet to find a job-he is clearly the expert and very erudite in the field.



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